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When you install a Sunline Solar Water Heater in your home or commercial premises, you can be assured of
  • High Quality B.I.S. certified Sunline Solar Flat Plate collector.
  • Durable, efficient & proven State-of-the-art technology.
  • Prompt pre and after sales service.
  • Customer satisfaction through customer oriented approach.
  • Comprehensive warranty packaged with service at your door step.
Domestic Solar Water Heaters
Seashell Seashell Seashell Seashell
Sunline Domestic Solar Water Heater supplies hot water at 60° C and operates on the Thermosyphon / Natural Convection principle. Solar rays strike the selectively coated absorber, which in turn heats the water of the riser tubes by thermal conductivity. The driving force for circulation in such a system is derived purely from the density difference between hot and cold water through the solar collector. As the water gets heated up it becomes lighter, and "automatically rises, and in turn is displaced by the comparatively heavier cold water from the storage tank. The system is designed to facilitate optimal stratification inside the SS-304/ copper storage tank ensuring the efficiency of the system.
The hot water is collected and stored in a properly insulated SS-304 / copper storage tank which ensures that the water heated the previous day also remains hot for an early morning bath the next day.

Hot water availability depends on the absorber plate receiving enough solar insolation (direct sunlight) as well as the capacity of the system installed, depending on the number of persons in the family. The system is made with high quality materials and a design that ensures efficiency, durability, long life and consistent performance. Therefore, there are negligible repair and maintenance costs. The collector is made with good grade aluminium sheet and aluminium extruded section that makes it look better, is lighter in weight, resists corrosion and lasts longer. The riser-header tubes made from copper and absorber plate made from copper with selective coating increases efficiency of the system, ensures better temperature and protects it from corrosive effect. The storage tank is also made from SS-304 / copper and there is a special provision for electrical back-up. Superior quality insulation is used throughout the systemfor maximum

efficiency. The absorber plate is also fitted with a toughened glass sheet with a high transmittency for optimum absorption of the sun's heat, even during the winter months Sunline

Industrial / Commercial Solar Water Heaters:
Seashell Seashell Seashell Seashell
Ideal for use in Dairies, Guest Houses, Lodges, Canteens, Hotels, Hostels, Hospital, Health Clubs, Gymnasiums, Chemical Industries, Tanneries, Sugar Factories, Breweries, Oil Mills, Paper Mills, Preheating of water for boilers &whenever you need hot water.

The Industrial! Commercial Heaters are designed to supply water at 80° C. The absorber plate collectors are technically the same as in the Domestic Heaters but they are larger in number and instead of operating on the thermosyphon mode, the forced flow circulation system with thermostatically controlled fixed or differential temperature controllers is installed. The system consists of an array of collectors, arranged in a series parallel combination so as to optimise the pressure drop as well as the heat collection, while utilising the available space to the maximum. A motor pump is used to circulate water through the collectors. This pump is activated by a capillary type thermostat with the rise in the temperature from the preset condition. The heated water is supplied to a properly insulated storage tank which can keep it hot overnight.

The Sunline Industrial / Commercial System has a payback period of 1-2 years when compared to electric heaters and, 3-4 years when compared to oilfired boilers. With the prices of conventional fuels not likely to decrease in the future, the Sunline Solar Water Heater offers even better benefits.

A Hot Concept, An Outcome of 20 Years in the Business of Hot Water
Seashell Solar Energy Services is a leading manufacturer of various types of water heating systems with a track record of 20 years. Customer satisfaction is the operative principle at Solar Energy Services. Our products - Sunline Solar Water Heater, Sunline Automatic Gas-fiired Storage Water Heater, Sunline wood-fired Storage Water Heater, and Eazy Solar water Heater, and our customers profile speak about our track record.

Solar Energy Services now introduces a new product that will harness the sun's energy more effectively and efficiently, a state-of-the art new technology, SUN ONN, a closed loop pressurised Solar Water Heating System that provides the answer to harsh conditions.

Extra Effective and Efficient
The new SUN ONN is designed to transfer the sun's heat to the water more efficiently. A heat transfer liquid runs between the solar collector plates and a jacket type heat exchanger that surrounds the pressurised hot water tank thereby transferring the collected solar energy to the water more efficiently.

Choose SUN ONN When Water and Winter are Harsh
The new SUN ONN is specifically designed for tough challenges such as hard water, water with high chlorine content and harsh winters.
The anti-freezer which is added inside the heat transfer liquid enables the system to work efficiently for years. The system is more resistant to corrosion and therefore has a higher life.
The hot water storage tank is specially treated to further enhance its resistance to corrosion, salt and dilute acids that are damaging in hard water areas.

Heavy-duty SUN ONN Value for money Seashell
SUN ONN does not require an additional cold water tank. Water is supplied to the Solar Water Heating System straight from the main pressure booster pump. The Solar Collector and the Solar Tank are manufactured to resist the pressure. Since the hot water tank and solar collector are manufactured from heavy material, it costs more as compared to atmospheric systems.

SUN ONN's Larger 100% Copper Collector Makes the Most of Sunshine Hours, Absorbs More Heat
The larger and 100% copper solar flat plate collector absorbs more heat. It is designed that you get hot water even when the winters are harsh.
When you consider that India receives solar energy equivalent to more than 5000 trillion Kwh per year, a quantum that is far more than our total annual energy consumption, you realize how significant this is. The daily average global radiation is around 5 kwh/sq. metre/day during sunshine hours.

Hot or Cold, It's Steady Flow SUN ONN, Ensures a Pleasurable Bathing Experience
Since the water stored inside the hot water tank is always under booster pump pressure, the cold and hot water flow at the same even pressure from the taps and ensures a more pleasurable bath.
Salient Features
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Saves Energy.
  • Round the clock hot water.
  • Safe to use - No fear of accident.
  • The most Luxurious way of getting hot water.
  • Zero expenditure on heating water.
  • Quick return of investment.
  • Easy to install.
  • 80% depreciation for commercial use.
  • Long life span.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Pressurized & non-presserized model available
Solar Flat Plate Collector:
  • High Quality B.I.S. certified(I.S.I.) Solar Collector
  • 99.99% Pure Copper Absorber and tubes
  • NALSUN solar selective coating
  • Absorptance above 92%, Emmittance less than 15%
  • Ultrasonic welded fin & tube bond
  • Powder Coated Alluminium Collector box with Section
  • Brass flanges - EPDM Rubber Parts - S. S. Fastner
"EASY SOLAR WATER HEATERS" Are Designed To Provide Hot Water Efficintly And To Facilitate Easy Removal Of Scale From Copper Pipes, Without Need Of Any Skilled Workers,

Salient Features
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Saves Energy.
  • Round the clock hot water.
  • Safe to use - No fear of accident.
  • The most Luxurious way of getting hot water.
  • Zero expenditure on heating water.
  • Quick return of investment.
  • Proven Design
  • Durable, Efficient & proven state of the art technology.
  • Customer satisfaction through customer oriented approach.
  • Comprehensive warranty packaged with service of your door step.
  • Easy to install.
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