SUNLIKE Solar Water Heater


When you install "Sunlike" ETC solar water heater, you save electricity, gas, oil so there is no recurring cost for water heating process and also get protection against future price rise in energy cost. Moreover, you can save environment by reducing pollution level. "Sunlike" is reliable and efficient water heating system

"Sunlike" Solar Water Heater has a evacuated tubes collector (ETC). It operates on thermosyphon/natural convection principle, Solar rays strike the black coated absorber tube, which in turn heat the water of the tubes. The driving force for circulation in such a system is derived purely from the density difference between hot & cold water through the evacuated tubes. As the water gets heated up it becomes lighter, and "Automatically" rises, and in turn is displaced by the comparatively heavier cold water from the storage tank. Hot water storage tank is made from G. I. Coated steel tank, insulated with 50 mm thick PUF insulation to prevent over night heat loss and G.I. pre - coated outer cover.

"Sunlike" ETC solar water heater is available in various capacity from 150 liters to 300 liters-ideal for domestic use. Commercial & industrial buyers can fulfill huge hot water requirement through ETC manifold type solar water heater .

Normally, 7hours solar radiation is required for desired performance. ETC Solar water heater is designed for non pressurised ( gravity) water inlet application, so air vent to hot water outlet (tank) is required. "Sunlike" hot water storage tank is equipped with electrical back up & thermostate control, therefore hot water requirement can be fulfilled in cloudy days in rainy season .

Evacuated Tube Collector has a net absorber area 1.23 Square Meter and efficiency is 31 to 32 % whereas Flat plate collector has a net absorber area 1.95 Square Meter and efficiency is 51 to 52 %. Compare to ETC solar water heater, FPC solar water heater is costlier due to more absorber area, efficiency and usage of copper &Aluminium.

Available Glass Lined Tanks in SUNLIKE SOLAR WATER HEATER Download E-Broucher
  • Negligible scaling inside the tubes
  • Temperature rise in ambient temp. is normally 35° to 38°C. on clear sunny days.
  • Less area required for installation.
  • If evacuated tube is damaged, can be replaced individually.
  • Heat loss during night reduces due to vacuum inside the tubes.
  • Solar radiation remain perpendicular to the absorber tube surface of the ETC system, thus provides good water heating efficiency.

"Sunlike" ETC Solar Water Heater is manufactured by Solar Energy Services - An ISO 9001:2008 company. Solar Energy services is a leading manufacturer of various types of water heating systems with a track record of 25 years.

Our products - Sunline & SunOnn solar water heater, Storage Gas Water Heater and Wood Fired Water Heater. Our customers profile speak about our track record.

The company is ably supported by a motivated team of thoroughbred professionals in design, manufacturing , installation and after sales service of water heaters.

A state- Of- The -Art manufacturing plant and a separate quality control department testifies to the company's relentless search for highest quality.

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