Sunline Wood Fired Storage Water Heater

SunlineWood Fired WaterHeater is precisely designed for better thermodynamic process by using bio-energy- Biomass. Design of Sunline wood fired water heater's fire box provides efficient combustion. Sunline wood fired water heater has a jacket and fire pipe's heat exchangerwhich createlargest heat transfer area to achieve high thermal efficiency.

Sunline wood fired water heater is the mostconvenient, efficient and cost - effectiveoption for residential as well as commercial users.

Biomass is the renewable energy resources to replace Fossil ( Electricity , Gas, Oil ) fuels directly. You can use firewood, agricultural residues , animal dung, biomass pellets, timber residues , briquetting, wood chips and charcoal in sunline wood fired water heater and get enough hot water at low energy cost.

Benefits Of Sunline Wood Fired Storage Water Heater

  • Bio-energy is affordable heating fuel.
  • A low-carbon emission option ( less CO2 emissions than fossil fuels ).
  • Energy from waste.
  • Solve waste disposal problem.
  • Bio fuels are biodegradable.
  • 100 % safe ( Non electrical).
  • Protect against price rise of electricity, oil & gas.

Product Features Of Sunline Wood Fired Storage Water Heater

  • Heavy duty Mild Steel inner construction.
  • Internal jacket design heat water within few minutes.
  • Anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant inner coating.
  • Whether resistant stainless steel outer cover.
  • Hydrostatic pressure tested.
  • Energy efficient thermal insulation ( 100 kg. density 2 inch thick- rockwool ) .
  • Cast iron door and grate .
  • Temperature gauge, safety valve and rod for ash cleaning.
  • Easy to install.
  • Minimum maintenance .
Available Glass Lined Tanks in WOOD FIRED STORAGE WATER HEATER Download E-Broucher

Product Specifications Of Sunline Wood Fired Storage Water Heater

* Above weight is without wood packing.
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